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In December 2018 we have offered this course as a prize in the UK. Anyone scheduling this course will be

re-funded if they become the winners


With this powerful online Course you will learn from the  strategies and work of Forty World Famous Masters of Photography Including:

Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Helmut Newton,

 Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bill Brandt, 

Horst P. Horst, Robert Doisneau , 

Martin Parr, Sebastiao Salgado, Edward Western

David Lachapelle, Sarah Moon, Andre Kertesz , 

Jacques- Henri- Lartigue , Arnold Newman , 

Ernst Haas , P William Klein, And many more












After many years of trying many amateur and professional photographers still wonder how they can breach that gap and take some really Great Master pictures. They seem to be stuck at a certain space, unable to move up to the next level……Our photography course is guaranteed to do just that…


The writer Dr David Fairman studied at Art College to gain his initial knowledge and a degree, and then many years later he created his style and the ability to create some really great pictures…He works as an award winning advertising and art photographer…He later received a PHD in the use of Colour in still and moving  images. His knowledge and insights of his are just the first things  we will give you…You will learn from the thoughts and images of over fifty of the historically top Master photographers in the world………The gap from the good photographer and the great photographer is large, but it can be breached with  the three main principals of our unique LAP learning system.

1 Learn from Dr David Fairman and Forty other Famous Master Photographers.

2 Appreciate the work of the Master Photographers on the course.

3 Practice, practice and practice what you have learnt and appreciated on the course and begin shooting some great Master pictures.

Do Have a Look Below as David Fairman tells you about himself and the courses.






​One of the problems with creating a great photograph, is deciding what is it that really constitutes  such a positive description. Through the course you will appreciate and begin to analyse and critique some of the most well known pictures ever taken and created by some of The Masters of photography. You may love some and dislike others. But you will learn how to look and ​appreciate some of the best pictures ever taken.


On the practical side you will learn secret and valuable professional techniques or actions you will not find anywhere else. This is a unique course where we guarantee that if  followed properly you will be on your way to breaching the gap between the good amateur or professional and the really great professional. So What did people think about David Fairman's previous book on Photography?

"David Fairman's new book demonstrates his commanding view of the art of digital photography.The photographs contained in this book are scintillating and the text seduces the reader with a galaxy of great ideas - all of which educate and engage the reader and deliver new knowledge bases.
I place the highest recommendation on this new book which is an outstanding contribution to the literature".
Glen Smith
Chief Executive, Youth Research Forum, London.

The complete package simply and cheerfully laid out. Never boring and very accessible to a someone like me. The book has a personal touch and I never felt patronised or confused. Great professional tips and a feeling of progression. The recommended web pages added greater depth and different perspectives. David Fairman has generously shared his lifetimes experience in a simple and colourful book. I felt like I knew him by the end. Thank you for sharing your knowledge"

Peter Philips London





Key Points about The professional photographer Dr David Fairman.

1. Worked for top advertising clients such as British Airways, Thomas Cook and Range Rover Cars and many more  from his studio in London.

2. Exhibited twice with a one man show at the prestigious Hamiltons Gallery in Mayfair London.

3. Sold over 50,000 posters worldwide

4. His  work in his Masters of Photography site on Youtube has 23,000 visits and is one of the most popular in this section

5. David has had two published art books and one Practical Photography book entitled "Take Great Digital photographs on 24 Hours"

6. The Camel Riders picture below was judged by The Association of Photography  to be one of the most iconic images taken in last fifty years and was exhibited at their 50th Anniversary show in Canary Wharf, London in 2018

7. He has received numerous awards and is a Life member of The Association of Photographers

8. In 2017 David was awarded a PHD doctorate in The meaning of Colour in photography and film.











We will also include HANDS ON Personal tuition from Dr David Fairman at the beginning and end of the course and for six months afterwards. At the beginning he will discuss with you where you are right now and where you want to get to. We are determined to get you where you want to be in this individually tutored course.


At the end of the course he will then discuss where you have got to and help you move forward. There will also be a chance to send in some of your pictures for discussion before these conversations. David Fairman will then have regular discussions with you and help with your work one to one for the next SIX months included in this unique offer. In The Gold Version of the course David Fairman will also create assignments individually designed for each student for up to Six Months.


If the course has been completed to our satisfaction then we will award you a certificate of completion and  The  Masters of Photography Diploma

( Gold level). ( MPD )

The Course Lasts Six Weeks and the Hands on tuition for Six months and will change the way you see your Life and Photography..

Subjects Include:

Great Compositions

Captivating Colour

Focussing your eyes

Nude & Glamour

Textures and Patterns

Choosing cameras and lenses

Filters you should carry

Adventurous Angles

Lazy Landscapes

From Pets to Wildlife

Working with children

Travelling Light

Appreciating the sun

Portraiture set ups

Lighting People

Understanding light with still life

Photojournalism and the moment

Moving targets

Backgrounds can make your picture

Digital Darkroom

Beautiful Black &White

Developing a style

Exhibiting your work

Making books of your work

Working with Clients

Setting up a studio

Charging your clients

Layouts and templates

A Total of 66 plus videos over six weeks.......







The "Forty Masters Of Photography Course..Gold Version" course is a High level and absolutely unique course. and promises to be the most rewarding online course ever.

What would it be worth to you to increase  your photography to new levels and get you in to taking some really great Master Photographs in just six weeks? 

The Value of David Fairman course                      £ 2,000

The Value of Learning from 40 World Famous   

 Master Photographers Course                            £  2,000                                    

The Value of Hands ON personal tuition 

from David Fairman.                                              £  2,900

TOTAL VALUE........................................................£  7,900

BUT as a special introductory offer we can now offer this life changing UNIQUE course for a very limited period  at the price of only


£ 1,975

Take Your Photography

to New Levels

With Forty Master


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As appeared in:

David Fairman's Picture selected as one of the most iconic photographs in the past fifty years and  exhibited at the Association of Photographers 50 th Anniversary Exhibition in Canary Wharf in 2018 
This Video shows some of the images and photographers we will be learning from

Master Photography Courses

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This course is Guaranteed and Has a 14 day cooling off period that ensures that you will have your money returned in full if you wish to change your mind up to 14 days from date of course arrival.
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